The Chauffeur (#38) The Investigation Begins

It dawned on me that maybe I need to buy Ronda a new car as well. Her car isn’t all that old, but it does have some mileage on it and as she seems to make Chateau calls, some for work, some for play maybe she needs a better one as well.

Once I get into the garage, I poke the buttons, the garage door closes behind her. I open her driver’s door to help her step out. She puts her arms around me and kisses me passionately. 

When we break from our kiss I ask, “I’m guessing you’re not here for work then,” I say smiling.

“Well, actually I’m here for both work and play if that’s alright with you,” she says smiling back at me.

“Then let’s get the work out of the way,” I say.

We go inside. I have my arm around her as we stop in the kitchen and see Jill and Dakota sitting quietly drinking their coffee.

“Hey ladies, look what I found outside,” I say with a big cheesy smile plastered on my face.

Ronda goes over to each of them and kisses them and asks, “Is there any more of that delicious coffee I smell? I haven’t had any coffee since I left the hospital early this morning,” she tells us. Sammy begins to pour her a cup asking if she needs cream or sugar. 

“If I need cream, I know who to get it from,” she says smiling at me. This causes a giggle among the ladies sitting in the dining area. 

Ronda has her coffee in one hand and takes my hand to lead me to my own bedroom. I hear the ladies joke saying, “Guess she needed some cream for her coffee,” causing all of them to giggle again.

Stupidly, I stop her before we get to the bedroom. “Hey, I thought you were here for some work,”

She stops and turns around saying, “Oh, you party pooper. I’ll go handle my work then you’re mine,” she says with a funny little smile.

Ronda goes back to the kitchen, where she had set her doctor bag down. She asked for Jill first. She put the blood pressure cuff on her, listened to her heartbeat, and asked several questions before declaring that Jill was moving along just fine with her pregnancy.

After Jill, she moved on to Diane. Once again, she put on the blood pressure cuff, listened to her breathing, but since Diane was farther along than Jill, she also listened to her belly before she declared that everything appears to be fine with Diane.

Now, it was Dakota’s turn. Originally, she fussed a bit but finally relented. This made me curious as to why she would fuss.

Ronda started the same way, blood pressure cuff, listening to her heartbeat and breathing, and asking several questions. It took several more minutes before Ronda told us that she would like Dakota to get some blood tests run, the sooner the better.

Now, I was concerned. “What’s going on Doc?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s anything, but she tells me that she is very hit and miss in taking her prenatal vitamins. David, she needs to take them regularly they don’t help her sitting in the bottle,” Ronda tells me.

I think for a moment and ask, “Does she have to take them with food or can she just take them anytime?”

“If she takes them in the morning, on an empty stomach is best or maybe even with a small glass of water. If they are making her sick to her stomach then take them at bedtime with a small snack,” Ronda tells me.

I think for a moment before I tell Bobby and Sammy, “Gentlemen before Dakota gets one drop of coffee, she must take her prenatal vitamin. This is important to me guys,” I say to them. Both chefs acknowledge what I have told them and agree.

Dakota answers, “That’s just mean Daddy. No coffee without me taking my vitamins, mean, just plain mean,” causing everyone around us to giggle. Bobby and Sammy are quite the gentlemen and don’t say a word.

Once Ronda is done with her doctorly duties, she puts her equipment back into her doctor bag, zips it closed and takes me by the hand once again taking a huge gulp of her coffee, emptying the cup. This makes for another of the ladies at the dining room table to quip once again, “Guess she doesn’t want the cream for her coffee, maybe she just likes the taste of his cream,” causing more giggles, however, now it turns to laughter.

Ronda pulls me down the hallway to my bedroom.

Once inside, she instructs me to sit on the bed with my back to the wall. I am expecting one of her delightful blowjobs, but quite to my surprise, she sits on the bed facing me with all her clothes on.

“David, do you remember telling me that we would make a wonderful baby together?” She asks.

“Of course, I do.”

“Were you serious or were you just saying something nice to me?” She asks with a serious look on her face.

“I was serious then and am still serious saying it even today. Is this what your asking? If I will make a baby with you?” I ask her in a serious manner.

“Well, sort of. I see pregnant women every day and, in my head, I hear the tick-tock of my baby making years going by faster and faster. I know you have two children on the way already with Jill and Dakota. But I just can’t get you out of my head. You are everything that I want in the Father of my child. You are smart, you are handsome, you make good decisions, you mentor John telling me that you would be a wonderful parent. Why can’t I shake this feeling about you?” She says with her eyes welling up.

I reach out and pull her into me for a firm but a gentle hug. We just sit together in each other’s arms for quite a while.

“Darling, I love you as well. However, there is someone in this equation that you need to get permission from. I would love to make a baby with you, yet I won’t do that unless I have Jill’s permission. There are lots of things that I don’t need her permission for, including us playing, but to create a child, that is something entirely different,” I say to her as I’m hugging her.

“I know, I know. But before I go and humiliate myself in front of her by asking, I wanted to ensure that you were still a willing participant,” she says to me without even looking up from my chest.

“Ronda, obviously we have chemistry. I hear it from Dakota all the time that she sees the way we look at each other, more like lovers than play partners,” I say to her.

I continue on, “Darling, I am more than willing to create a child with you. You are many things that most men would want. You’re beautiful, you’re a sexual dynamo, you are smart, you are hardworking, you have a tenderness inside you, and your still reasonably young.” The last comment gets me a poke in the ribs from a giggling Ronda.

“Reasonably young?” She asks.

“Well, you aren’t in your early twenties, but you’re not as old as Mom either,” which gets me another poke from Ronda.

“Keep it up funnyman,” she says to me.

“Ronda, I do love you, there’s no denying it. But I worry that you will feel neglected to be number three in my life. Have you thought about that?” I ask.

“More than I care to admit. In my head, I think that I can just raise our child as a single parent and if you participate then it only benefits our child, if you choose to not participate then I’ve lost nothing since I’m acting as a single parent,” she tells me before raising up to kiss me passionately.

“Darling, you won’t have to raise our child alone. Hell, move into the Chateau with us and sell your home. You’ll be amongst those who love you and there will be other pregnant women here as well. In fact, the whole Chateau will be overrun with children by next Halloween,” I tell her. This makes her smile. 

“Would you really want me to move in here? And, what about all the shootings that have gone on here lately?” Ronda asks.

“Yes, I would love for you to move in here. As for the shootings, well, the FBI is all over it. In addition, I’m putting a couple more security things in place,” I tell her trying to make her feel safe about coming here.

“Is that all you have to ask me? If I want to have a baby with you?”

“Yeah, now I got to go humiliate myself with Jill begging for you to make a baby with me,” she says in a defeated tone.

“Honey, this isn’t let’s make Ronda feel bad. Hell, I’ll go with you if you would like. I just want her OK before I create another child,” I tell her as we kiss once again passionately. Dakota may be right; I do feel something akin to the chemistry between us. Only Jill and Dakota have a stronger place in my heart over Ronda.

“Um, no. I think that this is just something that I need to do by myself,” she says to me. This causes her to get out of bed and leave the room. I frown a bit hoping that we would at least play before she went looking for Jill.

I get up and head back out to the kitchen where I was greeted by a couple of the ladies checking their imaginary watches saying, “WOW, Daddy that really was a quickie,” causing the ladies to erupt with giggles and some laughter.


As I approach the kitchen, I see Ronda and Jill sitting and talking at the table, holding hands.

I get summoned over to the table, which makes me nervous.

Jill begins, “David, are you willing to make a baby with Ronda?”

“Well, only if you give your approval. There are few things that I seek your permission for but this is certainly one of them,” I say to Jill.

“Darling, if you’re willing, I’m alright with it. Plus, she could move in here with all of us since we now have lost a couple of people, like Kim and Kay,” she says.

As I am standing there, Mom and Fred come walking hand in hand around the corner.

“What’s going on? Is David being put in time-out for doing something wrong,” Mom asks giggling as she asks?

“No Mom, nothing like that, although maybe we should put him on restriction and take away his toys,” Jill replies giggling as she says this to Mom. This again causes some laughter from the ladies sitting at the dining room table.

“Then what is it?”

“Dr. Ronda wants to have a baby with David,” she says.

“THAT’S ALL? Hell, who here doesn’t want to have a baby by David?” Mom says laughing.

Mom continues, “I only hope the baby is made the old-fashioned way and not this new-fangled test-tube manner,” Mom quips.

“No, no test-tube. Just plain ole sex and I’m pretty sure my David will take full advantage of trying to create the baby every chance he gets,” Jill says giggling some more.

Ronda stands up, releasing Jill’s hand and comes over to me taking my hand and saying, “C’mon lover, we have a baby to make,” smiling the whole time.

She pulls me through the house to my bedroom once again. We both get on the bed, albeit we strip before getting on the bed.

“David, make love to me,” Ronda says in a romantic tone.

“Absolutely, my Darling,” I say to her.

We begin kissing and nibbling on each other. I hear her saying over and over, “Oh gawd you make me so horny,” as she begins to nibble on my ear.

Although I was disappointed a few minutes ago, now I was hard as a rock and chose to skip pleasing her orally and move right into fucking her, or as she put it, making love to her.

I slide my hips between her thighs lining up my manhood with her opening. I gently push just a small bit of my cock into her wetness. She moans as I begin to enter her. I feel the wetness her womanhood is creating around my cock.

Slowly and gently, I keep pushing my cock into her pussy. It doesn’t take very long before I’m fully inside of her. We begin our thrust in unison. She whispers in my ear, “I will love you forever,” barely audible.

“Our baby will be beautiful just like you,” I say back in her ear. She smiles at me as our thrusting picks up.

We match each other’s thrusting before I hear her reach her first peak, “OH MY GAWD DAVID, I SO LOVE YOU,” telling me as she cums hard for the first orgasm.

As I’m thrusting into her, out of the corner of my eye, I see we have gained a crowd. Jennifer, Amy, and Dakota are all watching Ronda and I go at it.

Continuing to thrust into her again and again, she peaks once again. “GAWD DAVID, YOU MAKE ME CUM SO DAMN HARD,” as her eyes roll back in her head.

“DARLING, HERE I CUM, LET’S MAKE THAT BABY,” I say to her as I shoot all I have into her waiting and accepting womanhood.

Once I have cum so hard, I find that I am worn out. I roll off of her and just lay there with her head on my chest.

I hear the ladies say, “See, I told you. He makes a woman cum at least twice before he lets himself orgasm. Pay up ladies,” Dakota says with her hand stretched out waiting for money.

“Hold on a second, now you ladies are betting on me? What am I a horse, this ain’t no Kentucky Derby,” I say astonished that now I’m being bet upon. Of course, it’s all Dakota’s doing.

I see money being put into Dakota’s hand, she closes it and giggles. She comes over to me and pats me on the head like an owner pats their favorite dog. “Nice boy, you made Mamma some money,” smiling as she said that.

Something in my head made me think about tomorrow being Monday. I ask everyone to head back to the TV room once again. I see a couple of eye rolls, but everyone heads back there.

I put some shorts on and my usual white tee shirt and head to the TV room as well, dragging Dr. Ronda behind me.

When I turn the corner, I see Dakota and Jennifer herding everyone back into the TV room.

I stand at the doorway to the room, “Tomorrow is Monday. I would like for everyone to go to their jobs as usual. We won’t be deterred from our normal routines. Those who are here, need to check the security camera from time to time. Tomorrow I’m going to approach the City Council to see if they will sell me the road that leads to our house, maybe they’ll just be happy that there is one less road that they will have to maintain and let me have it for a reasonable cost,” I tell everyone.

John and Marcus come into the TV room all sweaty. They have completed their task and the ice truck is now empty. Dakota begins dialing up for a truck size tow truck to come to pick up the ice truck and take it over to the place that all the limos get fixed.

It dawns on me that if the bullets didn’t come out the other side, then maybe Captain Perez would want to send his forensics team out to fish out the slugs.

After I say my speech about not changing tomorrow’s normal duties, I dial up Captain Perez.

“Hello, this is Perez,” he says answering the phone.

“Captain, this is David Greene. It occurs to me that the ice truck in my courtyard might have two or three bullets in it. There are three bullet holes, so if they didn’t come out the other side, your forensics team may be able to retrieve them,” I say to him.

“I’ll send them right over. They should be there in about an hour or less,” he tells me.

“We’ll be sure to look for them,” I say.

We end the call.

“What’s that noise?” I ask.

John replies, “That’s the measuring team for the windows, apparently they listened when I told them to be here before 3. Now they are measuring every window,” he says smiling.

“Nice work, John,” I say to him.

“Daddy, are we dismissed?” Dakota asks.

“Yes, everyone is dismissed,”

Ronda leans in and gives me a kiss, causing Dakota to come over and do the same.

“Remember, take your prenatal vitamins or no coffee,” I say to her smiling. She playfully slaps me on the shoulder before kissing me and walking away swinging her cute ass at me.

Bobby comes around the corner and asks me if it was OK to make tonight taco-night. I told him it was fine. He said that he and Sammy have differing meat seasonings and would like everyone to try each one and give them a preference.

In my head, it sounded like fun. 

“Hey guys, do we have all the fixings in the house, or do we need to make a grocery store run?” I ask.

“We have everything including hard-shell and soft taco shells,” Sammy tells me.

I was thinking that this could be a fun night. “Be sure to announce to everyone that tonight is taco night. Oh, and I hope I don’t have to tell you that John will probably eat a dozen or more tacos,” I say to the chefs.

“We’re already prepared for him,” Sammy replies.


Bobby and Sammy both go around telling everyone that tonight is Taco Sunday night and there will be a contest that everyone needs to participate in. I see everyone’s eyes brighten up, including my newest lover/baby maker Dr. Ronda.

“Guess I’ll have to enjoy the spicy food before I’m pregnant,” Ronda says to me.

Mom does ask Bobby if the spice can be toned down a bit for her as her belly doesn’t take to spicy foods all that well. Bobby tells her that they have already figured that and will make a small separate pan of meat with virtually no seasoning which made her smile.

I look around and take stock of the good things that are happening here.

The CG boys are dating porn twins. Fred is dating Mom. Jill, Dakota, and now Dr. Ronda all want babies from me. Diane is pregnant with John’s baby and they seem to be doing very well. Sharon, Jennifer, Paula, and Donna are wonderful women who all love me. Allison is working hard trying to be successful now that she owns the studio business. BJ and Danni are wonderful sexually charged women that are both beautiful as well as being smart. Missy will be back soon; I hope, as she was fun to play with. Belinda seems to be working hard with Allison as well. Aurora has fit in well here and her cleaning service has taken the load off Amy to run the house. The two chefs are funny in addition to being wonderful cooks. John, well he is my protégé. I treat him as if he was my own son. He has made the transition from being a kid in Diane’s crew that just always said ‘fuck’ to a mature young man that accepts responsibility and has a much more mature demeanor. 

Amy has really begun to flourish in the role of keeper of the house. Getting the cleaning service was perfect. Now she can focus on just running the house and not being a slave to it.

And then there is Mom. She’s beautiful, she’s sexually a dynamo. Clearly, she and Fred have found some sort of happiness. Mom guides me when I find myself in a difficult situation. I am very glad to have brought her to the West Coast and helped her sell her stuffy mansion in the Hamptons, for which she got the highest amount of money ever sold by a non-beachfront property.

Fred, who started out by being Jill and my personal chauffeur, but now has some sort of relationship going on with Mom. He remains the stoic gentleman always looking out for the family’s safety. His two nephews have been wonderful guarding the castle mentality. Now that they are dating the porn twins, I’m sure that their awareness of security will amp up when need be.

Mark Newberg’s departure and his nieces Kim and Kay choosing to move out disappointed me. Tina moving away to her Mom’s house in Phoenix made sense, but still bummed me out a bit.

Thinking about Tina made me think that we will drop in on Tina and check on her on the way back from our East Coast/Tampa trip.

I checked with Dakota to make sure everything was set up with the jet for an early morning Tuesday departure. We discussed going to DC first, then down to Atlanta to see this building that Jennifer is trying to make a deal on, and then on to Tampa. On the return, we will stop unannounced in Phoenix to have a look in on our Tina.

I know that when Dakota gets further along with her pregnancy, she really won’t be going anywhere, but still, I want her to have time with the new baby, our baby.

Thinking about our three pregnant ladies, Diane is the first due in mid to late May. Dakota is next to be due in late June. Jill due after the Fourth of July and now, if I get Dr. Ronda pregnant before Christmas, she’ll be looking at an August or Labor Day due date. I laughed at my own joke; she goes into labor on Labor Day.


As dinner time approached, Bobby and Sammy gathered us all to come to the dining room table. No one was surprised that John had his ass in a chair before anyone else. Although when Diane walked up to the table, John jumped up and pulled out a chair for her. 

I pulled out three chairs. One for Jill, one for Dakota, and one for Dr. Ronda. John just sat there smiling being thankful that he only has one lady pregnant.

Bobby and Sammy announced that dinner was served. He made it clear that the ladies all get to go first. I looked around and didn’t see Mom nor Fred. I sent Paula after them thinking that maybe they didn’t hear the direction to come to Taco Sunday. Paula went down the hallway and came back seconds later telling all of us that she ‘was busy’. We all laughed as the ladies got up and made their tacos. 

The hard-crispy shells were going at a rate of 10 to 1 over the tortillas. The chefs had shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses all shredded, both fresh and pickled jalapenos, homemade salsa, a mango-lime salsa, various hot sauces, a red-pepper based mole and a sweet tangy sauce. 

As promised, they had a separate pan of meat for Mom with virtually no spice in it. 

Diane took a small amount of both portions of meat and made two similar tacos, both with the flour tortilla. She put meat, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and shredded Cheddar cheese. She also took a spoonful of the mango-lime salsa, which she said tasted like nothing that she has ever had. That made both chefs smile as did me.

Jill and Dakota must have taken eating classes from John. They both took 4 crunchy taco shells each. Two shells for each meat. They put the meat in the shells then covered it with the fixings that they wanted.

John, Marcus, and I sat patiently. Jill asked where Allison, the porn twins, the CG boys, and Allison might be. John and I both got up and went outside. John went to the twin’s door telling the four of them that it was Taco night and that their presence was being missed at the dinner table. 

I headed over to the studio. Again, I knocked and once again no answer. I opened the door quietly to see Allison on the front end of the camera with Belinda holding the camera. Once again, it was a masturbation scene. I just stood there watching until Allison noticed me and stopped.

“David, you have the worst timing, I was almost there,” she says to me.

“I’m sorry ladies, but dinner is served and your presence or lack of it is noticeable. It’s Taco Sunday and the chefs would like you to participate in their little contest about who’s seasoning is better,” I tell them smiling. This makes Allison get up and Belinda put the camera down on the sofa. They both walk with me back to the main house.

Once we are back inside, I see the porn twins with the CG boys all sitting together. They don’t think that I see it, but each couple is holding the hand of their partner. I just smile as I walk by them.

Allison and Belinda each go get themselves a plate taking care to try both types of meat. They fix themselves a taco each. I see Jill and Dakota already on their third taco and yet, John hasn’t even had one taco yet.

Once all the ladies have food in front of them John bounds up like someone set his ass on fire. He heads over to the taco bar and takes not 4, not 6, but 8 hard shells and begins filling them with meat and fixings. Jennifer, John’s Mom, makes light of John’s endless appetite. Everyone giggles. 

The eating and socializing go on for a couple of hours. The CG boys regale us with tales of some of their amazing adventures working on the USCG Reliant. That leads Bobby and Sammy to add to the evening telling us about being aboard the ‘Big Stick’. All in all, it was a delightful time. A time that we all needed to let the stress of the recent events just go by.

As the dinner began to wind down, I asked Dr. Ronda to stay the night, but she said she had to get back home as she has a few patients in the hospital that she needs to visit before heading to the office in the morning. Before she leaves, she does make mention that moving in here would save her about a half an hour of drive time as it is so much closer to the hospital that she works out of.

“Just one of the things in the life of a doctor,” she tells me. I kiss her and walk her out to her car. I poke the buttons to open the garage door and the front gate. I watch her drive off thinking how the baby will be so beautiful, all because of her.

I close the gate then the garage door. Before I head back inside, I’m cornered in the garage with Jill.

“Are you really OK with Dr. Ronda wanting to have a baby by you?” She asks in a serious tone.

“Of course, I am. We discussed it before she ever came to ask you. She was all nervous that you would make her beg or embarrass her somehow,” I tell Jill.

“Why would I do that? She’s a Marine and she’s our friend,” Jill says to me.

“I believe that she was just overthinking the whole scenario,” I tell Jill.

“Seriously, you don’t feel uneasy that Dakota and I are already pregnant with your child and now Dr. Ronda wants one as well?”

“Actually, I feel quite honored. You and I had discussed this in bed a couple of times. Until she told me, I never knew that one of Dakota’s secrets was to have a baby and it really shocked me that she chose me as the Father. Now, Dakota says that I look at Ronda differently than any other of the playgroup,” I say to Jill.

“Well, you do. It’s almost as if you are trying to ‘make love’ to her each time you two get together. If I wasn’t your wife, I would probably be jealous,” Jill says to me.

“Really? Jealous? I would never have guessed,” I say to Jill.

“You realize that I’m still a woman, not just your wife and a Marine,” she replies.

“I feel so lucky that you married me,” I say to her.

Jill steps forward, puts her arms around me and kisses me. We hold the kiss for several minutes before we break and head back inside.

When we get back inside, we hear all the raucous laughter from the group. Apparently, someone challenged John that he couldn’t eat another 12 tacos, fully loaded. He was currently eating number 7 and didn’t look like he was slowing down a bit.

“Can I get in on this? I put my money on John,” I say to the table.

John finished number 7 and begins at number 8. In my head, I was sure that this was Dakota’s doing, but a few minutes later I find out that it is Jennifer who put this all together. Imagine that, his own Mother betting against her son. If anyone had insider information about John’s eating habits, it would be Jennifer.

John finished number 8, then 9, then 10. At number 11, John showed a major slow down. He struggled through the taco. He just stared at taco number 12. Unbeknownst to him, Jennifer had rigged it. She put a couple of pickled jalapenos underneath all the fixings. She let the juice from the jalapeno drip all over the meat before adding the fixings. 

John picked up the taco and took a huge bite, deciding that if he took two or three big bites, it would be done with quickly.

However, with the mystery item in the taco, John swallowed the bite and yelled, “Holy Fuck!”. He knew instantly who set him up. He went over to the fridge and poured himself a big glass of milk, sat back down and took another huge bite. He chewed and swallowed before taking a big swallow of milk. On the final bite, he dangled the bite over his mouth before shoving it in. The girls all laughed as Jennifer had to hand over the money collected to John. 

John counted the money and gave me half of the winnings. I just told him to keep it. I knew in my heart that he would have a solution to the secret ingredient that his Mother has put in the taco.

Bobby and Sammy both laughed out loud asking John if he wanted any more tacos. This drew laughter from everyone. All in all, John had made over $100 from that little bet. His Mother said it was the best money spent on John in a long while.

Mom and Fred finally made it out to the dinner table. Mom went over to the little pan that the chefs had waiting for her with little to no spice. She took a spoonful and kissed each one on the cheek telling them the meat was perfect. Fred let her make a plate before he made one for himself. He took 4 hard taco shells filling two each with each meat. He really didn’t take much of the fixings. He took some lettuce, some diced tomatoes, and some shredded Cheddar cheese.

While he was eating, I asked the table to vote for the meats. Pan one, the yellow pan. Pan two the blue pan. As I went around the table it seemed to go back and forth yellow, blue, yellow, blue, blue, yellow and on and on.

After everyone had cast their vote, it was blue ahead by one vote, but Fred had not voted. He chose yellow. That tied it all up and the two chefs shook hands and decided to do the same thing the next taco night.

As the night went on, people began heading to bed since tomorrow was a workday. Jill and I were one of the last ones to leave the table with Dakota following us to our bed. I stripped down, Jill did the same, as did Dakota. We all snuggled up together and drifted off to sleep. 

I opened my eye checking that I had put my phone on the charger, which I had before I drifted off to sleep with my two darlings all snuggled up to me.

Yes, being that chauffeur that moment in my life changed things for the better.

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